Is it time for me to sell?

It really is a simple equation - it all comes down to supply & demand.  What I'm talking about is the state of the current Wasatch Front real estate market.  Marley & I are asked all of the time if our market has been negatively affected by Covid and the short answer is No. 

This market is crazy and moving uber fast, sellers are being bombarded by multiple offers in just a few short days on the market.  While this is great news, it can be a challenging situation.  That is what The Bramble Lane Team is good at; we are cool, calm & collected because we have experience with this fast pace, we know how to get you the highest, realistic price, quickly & efficiently and we are there with you throughout the entire process.

If this makes sense to you and you are ready to sell check out this article for more proof that right now might be a good time do it it.  Salt Lake City has some of the highest sellers’ profits in the country.  Find out more here.

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