Meet the Bramble Lane Team

Welcome to our team webpage! We hope this “question & answer” session gives you deeper insight in to who we are, how we came into real estate and the creation of The Bramble Lane Team. Together we have over 20 years of experience; we have been consistently ranked in the top 10% of the network and have been in the top 5% the last 2 years (Presidents Circle Award). In addition, we have had the Luxury Home Collection Specialist designation since 2014. We align ourselves with the best lenders, title companies, inspectors and appraisers in the business. We are proud of our affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, one of America’s fastest-growing real estate brokerage networks. Most importantly, we truly care about each and every one of our clients; we strive to go above and beyond expectations and we tailor our process to each individual, because every client is unique. We would love the opportunity to show you how we will make one of the most important transactions in your life a great experience.


Q.  How long have you been in the business?

Ashlee: Since 2010; this time around.

Marley: I received my license in 2008 (started classes in the fall of 2007).


Q. Have you always worked for BHHS?

Ashlee: I started with Prudential which was then bought by BHHS so yes in essence I’ve

always been a part of the Berkshire Hathaway team.

Marley: I started my career with Keller Williams, but moved to Prudential after two years.

When Berkshire Hathaway purchased the Prudential RE chapter, I was happy to be



Q. What made you decide to go into Real Estate?

Ashlee: Both of my parents were Realtors at one point in their lives. When I was 19

my Dad suggested that I go to real estate school because he thought I would enjoy it

and he also thought it was great knowledge to have whether you do it as a career or

not. So, in 1999 I got my license and worked in the industry for about a year then but

then decided I wanted to pursue other things. It wasn’t until 2010 that I decided to

give it another try….this time I fell in love with it and knew it was something I could

really sink my teeth into, enjoy it AND be great at.

Marley: I had a Great Aunt that was a very successful broker in the Phoenix area. My

family felt that I had her savviness and encouraged my to get into the business.


Q. What is your #1 advice for buyers or sellers of RE?

Ashlee: Plan ahead so you are ready to pull the trigger when the time comes and

make sure you have a professional Realtor on your side from the beginning so that you

don’t waste time & resources. I don’t just say this because I’m a Realtor. I look at our

job as Realtors as facilitators that have our hands in the business of buying & selling

homes every day, day in and day out so we have the ability to guide you as

experienced, qualified pros. And good agents have their clients best interest in mind at

all times.

Marlee: Keep all your ducks in a row. In this business things can change in a flash and 

it is important to have everything ready- in buying AND selling. Make sure paperwork

is in order when you are ready to throw your hat into the ring: make sure your house is

ready to be shown at anytime...Make sure you are watching the market!


Q. What is the most exciting thing about your job?

Ashlee: I love that everyday is different. Every client requires different things. Every

transaction is unique and every property exclusive.

Marley: Everyday is different, every transaction is different. I have never had the

Groundhog Day Syndrome. I am very thankful for this



Q. What made you decide to join forces as a team?

Ashlee: For me it was wanting to align with another agent with whom I trusted, who I

knew was honest & hardworking, someone I knew had my back and my clients back

always and although we have different styles we truly do make a great team.

Marley: Because Ashlee and I both travel, I guess we developed an unofficial team

many years ago. When Ash wanted to start a RE project that would require more

travel, it only seemed natural to make it official. She and I have different strengths and

we compliment each other. It is a great symbiotic relationship!

Q. How long have you been together as a Real Estate team?

Ashlee: Officially just over a year. Unofficially about 4 years.

Marley: We made it official in 2019, but see question above. 



Q. What is your teammates most enduring quality?

Ashlee: Marley on a professional level goes above and beyond for every one of her

clients. She works herself to the bone on each and every deal and will do whatever is

necessary to make sure the client is happy. On a personal level Marley is such a giving

soul, and has your back through think & thin.

Marley: Ashlee is always has the big picture in mind and really thinks outside the box

to help us overcome any obstacle. She is the creative one, impressively so. Her

marketing skills and imagination has put our team’s best face forward. She has a real

gift for it! Even if we were not partners I would want to be around Ash - she is a very

smart and considerate individual that I am lucky to consider a friend.


Q. What did you do before real estate?

Ashlee: I did a lot of things but my main career was corporate marketing which I did

for about 16 years with various corporations just prior to getting back into real estate. I

was also on the Radio, I worked at NBC television, I was a media buyer, I worked at an

Advertising Agency, I was a substitute teacher, I’m a certified teacher of English as a

second language, and I have taught Kickboxing.

Marley: My life in the workforce started in high school - I worked in retail as well ran a

soda bar at a dance club. I entered into the food and beverage industry at 19 - I was

a hostess and did bookkeeping until I turned 21, then bartended

( a “hobby” I still practice today). I was a bookkeeper for an elite Salt Lake private club

for 5 years and I was the logistics coordinator for Reuters during the 2001 World Track

and Field Meet in Edmonton, Canada as well as the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics


Q. What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Ashlee: Travel is and always will be my life outside of work. But lately I’ve taken up

cooking and so it’s become my creative outlet & coping mechanism when I’m having a

rough day or even when I’m not it has become such a cathartic time of each day for


Marley: I love to work on our Salt Lake and Escalante houses…..

but I often feel I have bitten off more than I can chew…....And Scuba Diving!


Q. What is your favorite food?

Ashlee: My favorite type of food is Mexican. My favorite food is…does Mint

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream count? I might have to say BLT’s Hamburgers (how

American of me) because they are easy to make and are both soooo yummy.

Marley: That is a very difficult… I am somewhat of a foodie, so I really couldn’t narrow

it down to one specific dish.


Q. Favorite drink?

Ashlee: Long time drinker of Vodka & Soda with a lime but a nice cold beer with lime

and a salt-rimmed glass may have overtaken it. Give me a glass of white wine though

and I’ll never turn that down either.

Marley: I drink a lot of tea, all varieties. I am also a fan of a nice Italian Red



Q. Favorite local restaurant?

Ashlee: I have always loved Kyoto. Can I only name one? Nope, okay one is too hard

because I also love Red Iguana, Café Madrid, Crown Burger and HSL.

Marley: I love Mazza, Caffè Molise, Finn’s Cafe……these are only a few.

Salt Lake has really turned into a foodies' paradise! 

Q. What hobbies do you have?

Ashlee: This job is all-consuming and leaves little time for anything else but when not

working I love to workout especially lifting weights, I enjoy being in Nature, I love the

sun & water, obviously as stated before I love to travel, now I love cooking and I also

love animals especially doggies.

Marley: I spend my time outside of business working on the house,

especially in the yard and garden, when weather permits. Being in

Real Estate gives me ENDLESS ideas on house projects.

But my most important hobby is, of course, Scuba! 

Q. Favorite travel destination?

Ashlee: Okay now this question isn’t fair. My entire life has been about saving money

so I can travel far & wide and I’ve been very blessed to have traveled to nearly 70

countries but yet there is so much more of the world to see. I have loved traveling

throughout India, I loved Iceland, Morocco & the rest of the Middle East and the offthe-

beaten paths deep inside of Mexico.

Marley: This one is tough too. I am in love with Italy, but have not had the opportunity

to dive there. I had two amazing dive trips to Thailand and Myanmar, hands down my

best diving yet. I also left a piece of my heart in Laos.


Q. Where do you want to travel to next?

Ashlee: Continuing on the question above, soon I hope to be able to add more

countries to my list including Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet. The art of traveling is

never complete!

Marley: Raja Ampat, Palau, The Red Sea, The Great Barrier Reef and Cape Town are on my

diving bucket-list.


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